Karina Tiller is a Saint Louis based designer, illustrator & art director.

About Karina Tiller


Karina is a Saint Louis based Graphic Designer and art director with a passion for Retail Branding and an eye for remarkable and clean design. She excels in typography, illustration, print layout and art directing photoshoots. 


since graduating from webster university in 2012 with a bachelor of fine arts in graphic design, karina has worked with clients such as at&t, sprint, energizer, hyatt regency, monsanto, general motors, tempur-pedic, dr. scholl's shoes, easton, nerf, hushpuppies, crevo footwear, and tapout.


karina likes her humor like she likes her wine, essentially revolves her entire life around her precious beagle, Penelope, and loves watching videos of the ellen show when she scares her guests.


ON THE WEEKENDS SHE CAN BE FOUND freelancing in her home on the hill, VOLUNTEERING DOWNTOWN AT STRAY RESCUE, OR PLAYING SOCCER WITH THE STL GOAL DIGGERS FC. She also has a profound obsession with the Olsen twins and old re-runs of the X-Files.